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This wiki contain fanon characters and events for X-men movies otherwise known as Earth-10005 or Movieverse and Cinematic universe created by fans of X-men.

Remember, this wiki contains fanon informations which can be different from its original versions.

If you searched for canon informations, you can visit X-men Movie Wiki or Marvel Movies Wiki.

You can also visit X-men Fanon Wiki for creating comics and animated fanon characters and events.

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Create your own x-team, mutant, event and story for X-men! Add your work into X-Files and let everyone read about them! Everyone is welcome! <createbox>

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Searching for inspiration?[]

If you are searching for inspiration how to create your own mutants or stories, these are created by fans and can work as inspiration:

Main informations and Guides[]

Are you unsure about movieverse? Searching for informations? You can check main informational pages on our related wikies with informations:

  • You can find out, who are mutants and their unofficial shortened classification or their long descriptions here
  • Basic informations about movie mutants ONLY (without their animated or comics history)
  • There you can find shortly info about allX-men movies

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